Farmer Z & Freezing Greens


When I went to pick up my vegetables today, Farmer Z was there and I asked him to take a picture with my family. (I don’t usually see him, so this was a photo op!)


Though I’d been trying to use my greens in all kinds of ways, they began to pile up and I didn’t want to waste them. After all, this was quite a diet change but I didn’t want to turn my family off of it!

I found a way to preserve them for later. The picture below shows how they’re not cooked in water but with the water they’re washed in.

The first time I did this, I mixed whatever was left together like swiss chard and radish greens. But this time, I had enough of several kinds to keep them separate. I put each batch on a plate to cool before putting them in a bag. The display was beautiful! Swiss chard, Asian greens, turnip greens each had a different shade of green. My kids and I tasted each one. Mild, sour, tangy! This time, as I bagged them, I wrote the flavor next to the name so I would know how to use them.

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