Swiss Chard and Mushroom Squares


Box is coming! I have to use up my swiss chard. So for breakfast, I served swiss chard & mushroom squares. After sautéing the onions, mushrooms, swiss chard together, I split it in two for allergy differences.


My husband liked it especially because of the mushrooms. And the edges! I used a mini loaf pan because of the split. His only suggestion was using fresh mushrooms instead of canned ones.


Then I wondered if I could freeze the onion/mushroom/greens sauté.  For this I used a combination of baby bella and shiitake mushrooms. The greens are whatever I had left over. In the picture below, mustard greens are on the right and Siberian kale is on the left.

Hopefully with this mixture, I can make this dish without so much prep work!


I found this recipe on Kalyn’s Kitchen blog after making red russian kale & red onion savory breakfast squares last month.

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