That Surprised Me!


Tonight’s menu included BBQ pork, red kale slaw from the other day, and radish chips. My husband loved the chips! It took me quite a long time to deep fry them and my arm hurt from slicing them on the mandolin slicer. I had more to fry up but just couldn’t. I resolved to boil the rest of the radishes and mash them. My husband quickly claimed the remaining slices and demanded I teach him how to fry them into chips. His reaction surprised me! And affirmed to me that I made the right decision in this adventure. He and the kids have been so open to what I put on the table. Freedom!

The other day as I was washing greens preparing them for a dish, I felt so much joy at life! Though it may sound corny, the colors, shapes, and textures of these vegetables get me so excited…I just want to pull up a chair and an easel and paint a still life! And what’s funny is I love the dirt and the holes in the leaves and the imperfections. No, not all of what I receive in my box would make it to the produce section of the grocery store but it’s still usable. And delicious…and who cares if an occasional bug or slug makes it into my house. I just grab the magnifying glass and call the kids around to observe it…SCIENCE LESSON!

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