Brown Butter and Maple Glazed Turnips


The turnips from a week or so ago were still in my refrigerator. I had to use them! Luckily, they were still nice and fresh thanks to the green bags I recently bought.

While on Facebook a week ago, an app caught my attention. I joined “Foodily” and found some unusual recipes! I put an ingredient in the search box, this time it was “turnips”, pressed SEARCH and found this recipe for Brown Butter and Maple Glazed Turnips by The Kitchn. The app is great. I have it on my phone so when I get a moment, I can search recipes and save them by pushing the “FAVE” button.

What would go with this dish? I had some pork loin in my freezer that was calling out to me! Rummaging through my spice cabinet, I found Pampered Chef’s Smoky Applewood Rub that was given to me at Christmas. This sounded like a good combination. But how do I use it? I found this recipe but excluded the sweet potato since I had a starch side dish.


It was yummy! The salad on the side came from Farmer Z as well – mesclun salad mix.

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