“Creepy Green Cubes”


This morning after my workout, I had the last of the Green Smoothie frozen from weeks ago and was reminded again to try to improve on that recipe. It tasted good but I don’t like to chew bits of green leaves. Sneaky Chef’s Green Puree came to mind. I’ll bet the cooked greens frozen in a cube like ice would add smoothness and chill to the already good taste. We’ll see…

My sweet husband took the kiddos for a few hours so I had the kitchen to myself…uninterrupted!!! Finally, I could get to those greens and broccoli & make the green puree from Sneaky Chef!

(The other cooked broccoli & greens got eaten throughout the week so I had to start all over.)

Thankfully, my fresh produce had not gone bad. It had been over a week since I received the mixed greens (“gringo greens” as Farmer Z called them) but those Debbie Meyer Green Bags have been a veg-saver!

Sneaky Chef’s recipe called for green peas but I stuck to the greens and broccoli only. I took the basic idea and modified the recipe so it would be easier for me and fit what I intended to do with it. Instead of steaming the greens, I boiled them. Instead of using a blender, I used my meat grinder.


The first picture is broccoli; the second is greens.


I didn’t do much after that. Mixed in a little water and lemon juice then packed the mixture into ice cube trays and froze them.


Yeah, it looks weird but besides the smoothie and the recipes from Sneaky Chef, I’ve got other ideas on how to sneak these healthy cubes into my kid’s meals!

(My husband affectionately named them “creepy green cubes” because he knows they’re going to turn up somewhere on his plate!)

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  1. Spinach season is coming soon. I put the first baby leaves into boxes this week. I’ve seen members put spinach into brownies to get kids to eat it. I call my spinach ‘boingy’ because it is not limp like that in the stores. It is firm and when several pieces are dropped onto a plate they bounce as if they had springs on them.

    I’ve also seen a chocolate cake made from beets. Beets won’t be with us until summer/fall. In past years they have been very sweet. I planted them twice so far but I think the fire ants got most of the seeds. I’ll try again (then probably all the seeds will come up too close to each other!!!)

    • I’ve made the brownies with spinach before and even with fresh-milled flour. My kids still prefer the boxed mix.

      …still trying!

      Fire ants in TN? I hate them!

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