Duck Eggs


A few months ago, Farmer Z informed his members he was changing over to ducks rather than chickens for eggs. This week I get to try some!

Look how much bigger they are than chicken eggs! (Farmer Z’s duck eggs on the left, grocery store chicken eggs on the right.)



Thankfully, Aandwsayre sent me some links on duck eggs vs. chicken eggs. When I read duck eggs were excellent for baking, I immediately thought of the freshly milled whole grain bread I make every couple days for my family. The recipe calls for one egg per two pounds of dough. I think these two loaves are the most perfect I’ve made!


I continued to make bread, this time with a chicken egg, and look at the difference at the two batches! (two loaves on the left made with Farmer Z’s duck egg and two loaves on the right made with a store-bought chicken egg)


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  1. I think that the duck egg is superior to chicken eggs. Why then do stores carry only chicken eggs? Money, of course. Ducks cannot live without copious quantities of water which they splash around making a huge muddy mess. Ducks are not nearly as good in close quarters either. Like free range, pastured chickens, this makes ducks much more expensive to keep. Ducks are also less damaging to your pasture and don’t fly up to roost making a poopy mess on everything. Ducks also take the cold weather better. As far as taste – duck wins. Nutrition – duck wins too! Go daffy!

    Last spring I sold off 150 chickens, keeping only 20 hens and about 15 ducks. As you can see I still get enough eggs to share with my CSA members. I recommend that everyone that has a yard and no stuck up HOA get some hens; ducks if possible or chickens if not. Contact me through and I’ll give you advice, if wanted, on the set up.

    Farmer Z.

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