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More Summer Fixin’s!



Grab a cookbook and go!

Good Ole’ Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook (can’t find the publication date but I bought it in 2003) by my side! Tonight I served Red Long Chinese Beans with Sherry Cream Sauce, Italian Yellow Squash-Tomato Skillet, and Fried Okra.


First I washed the beans, cut them in bite sized pieces, boiled them, and set them aside.


Then I made the sherry cream sauce.


And mixed them together. (They turned a dark, almost black color.)


The okra came from the farm in all sizes – and I’ve never seen red okra before! I washed it, cut off the stems and cut them into bite sized pieces. Some were slimy some were not. They were definitely still as fresh as when I got them! The recipe called for flour and corn meal but I had a Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix box and used that instead. (It turned out so sweet because of this mix!) And the recipe was for “Cajun Fried Okra” but I didn’t want the ‘Cajun’ so I just used¬†Adobo All Purpose Seasoning Salt instead.


I heated up some shortening in a skillet while I tossed half the okra in an egg/milk mixture then tossed it in a bag with the corn bread mix and seasoning salt. As you can see it cooked up very nicely! (Mmmmmmm, I can almost smell it!)

I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful yellow squash before slicing them and tossing them with tomatoes, onions, and some fresh basil from Farmer Z! When I sat down to eat, each vegetable was still crisp tender and not overcooked. Perfect!


Not exactly meal partners but it sure was satisfying!