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Mountain Mint Tea Punch


When I told my husband we were getting mountain mint in the box this week, he relayed a childhood memory of mint growing wild in the lawn and the aroma of it when he or his dad mowed the grass.

Through my internet research, I found several interesting properties and folklore of mountain mint, one of which was medicine men used it to revive the dead. I could use that some mornings….but that wouldn’t make an interesting blog post. 😉

Farmer Z suggested making tea if we weren’t feeling creative. I was running out of time since the leaves were beginning to wilt plus I like to consider more than my own tastes when I look for a recipe.

My kids give me a hard time when I drink a glass of tea and don’t let them have any because of the caffeine. So I found the perfect recipe for them: Mint Tea Punch from Allrecipes.com which includes orange and lemon juices. They were so excited, they wanted to help. (The little hands in the pictures are my children!)

My daughter tore the leaves off the stems…


…as my son squeezed oranges into juice…


I steeped the mint leaves with the tea bags for about 8-10 minutes. (Decaffeinated tea for my children!)


Mixed all ingredients together and garnished with an orange slice…


Voila! What a fun drink to share with the family. The mint gave it a light kick. I could imagine enjoying this in the summer while sitting on the front porch watching my kids play or my husband mow the lawn…  😉