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Taco Salad


This meal started out as a clean-out-the-fridge dish. Farmer Z’s mesclun as a base with taco meat on top from the other night.

Next cheddar cheese then the last of the corn & black bean salsa (Farmer Z’s cilantro – so fresh!).

I thought that was all. No! I still have some chips left over from the salsa! Crushed!!! And of course, some ranch dressing!



(By the way, the green chips are guacamole flavored tortilla chips.)



Simple meal in a package. Old El Paso Hard & Soft Taco Dinner. Just add a few ingredients.

Tomatoes, cheese, lettuce (mesclun from my box this week), and salsa (corn & black bean with cilantro from my box last week) for toppings.


My son saw me taking pictures of the food and he took a shot! Here’s his taco:


And here he is enjoying his 3rd taco with all the fixins’!


I Can’t Believe It’s Gone!


This is the last bowl of salsa I have. Thought maybe I should take a picture before it got gone. (And this is the second batch!) The colorful, fresh ingredients bring life to the dull winter, especially Farmer Z’s cilantro.

My favorite scoop for a good salsa is Tostito’s lime chips which I enjoyed last night with this but tonight, it’s garlic & black bean chips. And I’m not sharing!