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Serendipitous Success


Well, tonight was one of those couldn’t-we-just-order-pizza kind of nights. We were planning on being out of town, but plans changed. So I just stared at my abundance of chard and decided to make stir-fry…except we just had stir-fry for lunch. Hmm. Well, an omelet might be fun.

Midway during the wilting process I realized I only had two eggs. Well, this might be interesting. I quickly crisped some bacon in the microwave and crumbled it. I poured my puny egg mixture onto the chard and sprinkled the bacon on top. I gave it all a quick stir till the eggs were cooked and topped it with some halved cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

I loved this meal; it was a serendipitous success! My 7-year-old downed his and said, “This is awesome; is there more?!” Music to my ears.


Gorgeous Pasta!


This was my solution to “What in the WORLD am I going to cook for supper?” (a.k.a. grocery shopping procrastination). I found some chard from this week’s box of veggies, gave it a quick sauté with some garlic, then added some mushrooms and a jar of pasta sauce. Meanwhile, my angel hair spaghetti was finishing up. I scooped out some pasta, topped it with my sauce, and sprinkled with some mozzarella. Insanely quick, ridiculously easy . . . and the fam loved it!


Turkey Pot Pie


This was my Christmas Eve potpie. I used leftover turkey breast, mixed veggies, cream of potato soup, and radishes, and a bit of salt and pepper. The radishes were left from a batch I baked the day before. I simply diced into large chunks and stirred into the soup and veggie mix. I topped it with a ready-made pie crust, complete with snowflake cut-outs. Beautiful!


Stir Fry Success


This was my second stir-fry success! The kiddos cheered for this one. I warmed sesame oil in my largest skillet and added diced carrots, coarsely chopped onion, minced garlic, and ginger. Once those were slightly tender, I added a massive amount of all the greens I had in the fridge. When the greens had wilted, I sprinkled with salt and pepper and included a small amount of chopped deli roast beef, a can of sliced mushrooms, and sunflower seeds. Delicious!!! Next time I’d love to add water chestnuts, and I’d probably go back to cashews instead of seeds.