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Kielbasa and Red Cabbage


I’m feeling purpley-red today!

Again, from Fix It & Forget It cookbook I modified a recipe called “Kielbasa & Cabbage”. It called for onions, cabbage, and potatoes, but I used purple onion, purple cabbage, and a gigantic radish (my “pink potato”).


The directions said to just place everything in the pot. My experience has taught me to put the toughest item on the bottom where all the juices will end up, and layer up from there. In this case, I put the radish on the bottom. Then the cabbage…


Then the kielbasa…


I like to mix all the wet ingredients together with the spices and pour on top…

I had to change from my 4-quart crock pot to my 6-quart crock pot! Thankfully the oven bags made that easy.

And here is the finished dish…


(Though I followed the instructions all the color had disappeared. My large crock pot seems to dry out and almost burn what it cooks. I’m not sure why. It still tasted fine.)