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Barley and Baby Greens Skillet


I found a new cookbook the other day that caught my attention called No-Guilt! Carb Diet Cookbook¬†because not only did it have recipes that used some of the greens I’ve been getting in my CSA box but also the grains I’ve been using from making my own bread. It’s not often in my world I see words like amaranth, millet, or polenta. Those grains are actually in my pantry but I don’t exactly know how to use them.

Farmer Z said he took extra time to cut baby greens for us this week. Spinach, swiss chard, kale, and red chicory. I can imagine how cute they are coming up in the warm spring Tennessee mountain air. Bright green and sweet to the taste.


The original recipe in the book is called” Barley and Swiss Chard Skillet”. But I had baby greens…

And I changed some ingredients around to fit what I had: orange sweet pepper instead of green pepper, great northern beans instead of navy beans, minced garlic instead of garlic powder, pearled barley instead of quick-cooking barley, and dried basil instead of fresh basil. (My husband planted an herb garden for me this year so I can’t wait to just walk outside and grab a few fresh herbs for dinner!) Here I’m saut√©ing the red and orange peppers in olive oil


I add the greens, beans, tomatoes, and basil and cook till heated and wilted…


…then add the barley to heat through.


A great balanced dish that was actually filling. But that was the point of the book: to use the right combination of carbs, protein, and vegetables for health and that full-tummy feeling.


Taco Salad


This meal started out as a clean-out-the-fridge dish. Farmer Z’s mesclun as a base with taco meat on top from the other night.

Next cheddar cheese then the last of the corn & black bean salsa (Farmer Z’s cilantro – so fresh!).

I thought that was all. No! I still have some chips left over from the salsa! Crushed!!! And of course, some ranch dressing!



(By the way, the green chips are guacamole flavored tortilla chips.)



Simple meal in a package. Old El Paso Hard & Soft Taco Dinner. Just add a few ingredients.

Tomatoes, cheese, lettuce (mesclun from my box this week), and salsa (corn & black bean with cilantro from my box last week) for toppings.


My son saw me taking pictures of the food and he took a shot! Here’s his taco:


And here he is enjoying his 3rd taco with all the fixins’!