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Turkey Pot Pie


This was my Christmas Eve potpie. I used leftover turkey breast, mixed veggies, cream of potato soup, and radishes, and a bit of salt and pepper. The radishes were left from a batch I baked the day before. I simply diced into large chunks and stirred into the soup and veggie mix. I topped it with a ready-made pie crust, complete with snowflake cut-outs. Beautiful!


Pirate Stew


This one just sounded fun!

From Fix It & Forget It cookbook (page 41) “Pirate Stew”.

Instead of potatoes, I added… (drum roll, please)…Radishes! What a surprise, right? LOL!

I just had to take a picture to remember how gigantic the radishes were!


My husband loved it. He said it was similar to and even better than Shepherd’s Pie!

My son and I covered one eye, threw up our imaginary swords, and yelled “ARRRRRR!!!” to each other through dinner. 😉

Kielbasa and Red Cabbage


I’m feeling purpley-red today!

Again, from Fix It & Forget It cookbook I modified a recipe called “Kielbasa & Cabbage”. It called for onions, cabbage, and potatoes, but I used purple onion, purple cabbage, and a gigantic radish (my “pink potato”).


The directions said to just place everything in the pot. My experience has taught me to put the toughest item on the bottom where all the juices will end up, and layer up from there. In this case, I put the radish on the bottom. Then the cabbage…


Then the kielbasa…


I like to mix all the wet ingredients together with the spices and pour on top…

I had to change from my 4-quart crock pot to my 6-quart crock pot! Thankfully the oven bags made that easy.

And here is the finished dish…


(Though I followed the instructions all the color had disappeared. My large crock pot seems to dry out and almost burn what it cooks. I’m not sure why. It still tasted fine.)

Radish Chips


Aandwsayre said she served radish chips fried in peanut oil to her family the other night and they were so good, I wanted to try them! I didn’t have peanut oil at the time, so I used what I had. I also found a recipe for microwave potato chips.

Here is what my mandolin slicer produced. I used each blade to see what it would do…


I didn’t realize till later there was a thinner slice option. Oh well, I’ll have to try that next time. I haven’t used this tool in awhile!

I tried both versions – microwaved and fried. Learning as I go….


(On the left are some kale chips too!)

Sneaky Radishes


While making pizza for my family, an idea popped in my head…why not add a radish to this? Not enough to really taste in case it was sour. Shredding it, I snuck it in between the sauce and the cheese.

Even though I didn’t tell my family about the radish, the pizza disappeared as quickly if not quicker than any other pizza! The radish shreds still had a crunch to them, so next time maybe I’ll saute’ them with some onions!