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Chicken and Swiss Chard Alfredo Pizza


I followed this Chicken Spinach Alfredo recipe loosely using swiss chard from last week’s box instead of spinach, a bottle of alfredo sauce, some chicken, and my own homemade pizza crust smothered in minced garlic.


Navy Bean Soup (with Kale)


It’s cold today.

Good day for soup.

I grabbed a cookbook (this time it was Weight Watchers) and looked for a recipe I had all the ingredients to, could add greens to, and freeze…

Navy Bean Soup!

The recipe called for Navy Beans in a can; I had Great Northern Beans in a bag. So I cooked that up.

The recipe called for fresh parsley; I had dried parsley. I moistened that up in the broth.


Oh! I must mention here the chicken bouillon I use. Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base – it is so flavorful!

The recipe called for fresh rosemary; I had fresh rosemary! (From the rosemary bush/tree outside my door – a Christmas present from my dear husband. ;)) This ingredient made my day because it filled my home with a lovely aroma the rest of the day!

Welcome to our blog!


I like to try new things. This blog documents the adventures of joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in East Tennessee for one year from December 2011 to November 2012.

Since I knew it would be a big change for our family, I asked a friend to join me for one season. We enjoyed it so much, we extended it to a full year. This blog contains recipes of the produce we’ve received.

The farm is Vintage Quest Acres and our farmer is Farmer Z. We receive a box of vegetables each week that we pick up at a designated location. It is usually full and even the half-portion is more than I know what to do with!

My goal in this blog is purely selfish. I want to remember what I did during this experiment for future reference. My life is busy and my memory can’t keep up so much anymore. This is a place where I can organize those thoughts. Plus, I want to see what my friend did with her vegetables!